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What is Inner Child Work?

Let's talk about the concept of inner child work... it is a form of therapy that involves acknowledging and healing the unresolved emotions, traumas, and experiences from one's childhood. This can be from emotional or physical neglect. It could be experiences of physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, and / or sexual abuse. It could also come from being parentified and having to take on adult roles as a kid. These experiences in childhood lead to what we call, "fragmentation". Have you ever noticed you continue through life without thinking about these events because it is too painful? Or maybe you have very little recollection of your childhood. These are trauma responses that your mind and body come up with, in order to keep you safe. A child does not have the capacity to deal with traumatic responses, so this is why we see people cut off from their pasts.

Inner child work involves identifying one's inner child - the part of oneself that represents the vulnerable, innocent, and playful aspects of one's personality. The part that had to hide, because the rest of you was too busy dealing with the trauma you endured.

Inner child work aims to:

- Recognize past traumas and experiences that may have caused emotional wounds.

- Understand how these unresolved emotions an

d experiences continue to affect one's life and relationships.

- Heal these emotional wounds through self-compassion, self-care, and self-nurturing. We use a therapy called emotionally focused individual therapy to facilitate this!

- Reconnect with one's inner child and reclaim the positive traits associated with childhood, such as joy, creativity, and spontaneity.


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