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- Gabor Mate

Psychiatric Consultations

We are committed to making your care as accessible and comfortable as possible.

You deserve to be seen and heard.

Northern Therapy Clinic has partnered with Psychotherapy Matters, to ensure that you can get connected to an OHIP covered psychiatrist in a timely fashion.

Generally patients wait up to 18 months to see a psychiatrist. When a referral is put in with our clinic, the wait time is significantly reduced and clients are seen by a psychiatrist between 6-8 weeks! 



How does it work?

After attending therapy at least 3 times, you will then be given a referral form. The referral form must be filled out by your doctor. The referral form will be submitted by your therapist to Psychotherapy Matters. They will then provide a date for the psychiatric consultation.


Do I have to pay extra?

No, there are no extra fees for these appointments. 

Will my therapist be with me?

Yes! Your therapist will attend all appointments with you, and will be there to support you.


How long are appointments?

The initial appointment is 90 minutes long. Subsequent appointments are 20 minutes long, allowing you to work these appointments into your current therapy sessions.

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