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Couples Therapy Kirkland Lake

Workshops & Seminars

Spreading mental health awareness and providing resources within our community is imperative. Our therapists offer in school, workplace, and community workshops and seminars. 

Seminars can be a wonderful way to reach your entire audience and provide them with something valuable. 

Let us help you reconnect.

You want to feel closer to your partner but every time the conversation starts, you grow further and further apart. When the conversation starts you want to feel heard, but they get defensive and shut down. Then you're left feeling like you're all alone. It's almost as if you're living a life together, yet the connection has faded. Maybe you no longer feel heard or wanted. You're desperate to reconnect with your spouse. 

You want to feel important again. You want to feel heard, respected, and loved. Our therapists are here to help support you in finding your way towards one another again! 


Couples Therapy Temiskaming Shores
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