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Family Therapy New Liskeard

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a collaborative approach where the entire family works together with the therapist, to de-escalate and stabilize the family unit. By using a compassionate and emotionally-focused approach, we work together to restructure interactions so there is more connection within the family. 

Your family unit can find peace and connection

Are you overwhelmed because you're trying to connect with your family, but there always seems to be a disconnect? Your pain points are not being listened to, and you feel like there just isn't a way to be able to find that harmony your family once had. Maybe your children are starting to behave in a way that feels so foreign to you. Or maybe there was a significant event that needs to be processed within the family. 

All families are unique. At Northern Therapy Clinic we use an Emotionally-Focused approach to working with families. This can help to create positive communication and connection within the family unit. 

Family Counselling in Timmins
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