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Addictions Counselling New Liskeard

Addictions Counselling

"Not why the addiction, but why the pain"

- Gabor Mate

You deserve the space to heal.

Sometimes we find ourselves having grown up with limited resources, to cope with traumatic events or difficult emotions. We then start turning towards substances or other coping mechanisms such as food and shopping. Addiction is a symptom of something. Together, we work with you to unpack your experiences, get closer to the difficult emotions in a safe environment, learn about addictions, and build self-compassion, and habits of self-care to create different ways to cope. 

At Northern Therapy Clinic, we believe in individualized care, where you are in control of your recovery. We use a trauma-informed and harm reduction model, to ensure that we are offering you the autonomy you deserve. We will support you on your journey to recovery.

Addictions North Bay
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